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FabIndia – Personal care products – Mini Haul and online shopping experience :)

This is a mini haul of my FabIndia personal care products πŸ™‚ My local FabIndia store (which is like 10 mins walk away from my home) did not have any of the below stuff in stock so I had to order all these online πŸ™ 

First of about the online shopping experience with FabIndia:

-> Creating an user account – very easy
-> Range of products available – I think its kind of limited online because I couldn’t find   certain products like Aloe conditioner and face packs online!
-> Checkout and Payment: Quite easy and user friendly!
-> Shipping charges – Not happy – they have free shipping for all the products except personal care stuff – Not nice πŸ™ All India shipping was – 81.35 and for my area it was 67.56 which was very costly
-> Delivery – I ordered online on 9th of June and I got the stuff delivered to me on 16th of June (which is like OK) They even send you an email once they ship the items!

About the products:

I’d ordered the following stuff 

– Rose Face Water
Sesame Hair Oil 
– Jasmine Soap

Since the soaps are not sold in singles, I had to buy a pack of 3 which at that point of time I thought was a waste of money!
Although i wanted to try their soap range, a 3 pack was too much for me!


The packing was not that great, the products were stuffed in a little carton box with a lot of thermocole covering them! 

Final Piece of advice:

Overall I would recommend you to visit FabIndia store  in person and do your shopping! rather than wasting couple of hundreds on shipping and buying extra products which you end up wasting!

Visit FabIndia online here!

Review of these products:

Coming soon πŸ™‚ 

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