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Godrej – Protekt – Instant Hand Sanitizer – Review

Hand Sanitizer –  It says it all! This product is my latest obsession!

Godrej – A well renowned brand, has launched this new product called ‘Protekt’ which is basically a simple instant hand sanitizer. The concept of hand sanitizers is quite new for India, owing to the increase in the spread of various infections and diseases (esp. Swine Flu/H1N1) this product is a must in very household!! 


About the product:

– Anti-bacterial
– Kills 99.99% germs in 15 seconds!
– No water! No towel! Disinfects hands!!

The product claims to be using the ‘Insta Sanitize Technology’, not sure what that technology is.. but I could not get anything about that even from google!

I use it mainly for personal hygiene and to remove the swatches from my hands after every review 🙂

Directions for use

Apply small quantity directly onto dry hands. Rub over palms, fingers and back of hands until dry. Do not wash off after use.

It gives you a cooling effect once applied on hand and the scent lingers on for quite a while! 

Variants – Availability and Size:

Godrej Protekt is available in Original, Blossom & Citrus fragrances in following sizes:

250ml – Rs. 149/-
100ml – Rs. 60/-
50ml  – Rs. 30/-

It is available in any grocery store, super markets, Malls and health and glow outlets!

I use the citrus variant and it smells so good!

Protekt also comes as hand wash and hand hygiene wipes. I have not tried them yet!

Product Website:

Check here!

Well I am not going to review on the pros and cons of this product as this is a basic sanitizer and I really don’t know if it kills any germs!! But I feel clean after using it hence I feel it does justice to what it is meant for!

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