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Hey All!!

Every time before we buy an eye-wear we would always want to keep in check on the latest trends, new launches, what’s good in market and what’s not! We do surf the net immensely to get this information. Instead of searching the scattered information, how good it would be if we can have all the news at one place! Yes, the new Lenskart blog has done the wonderful job of putting together these bits and pieces of information for the benefit of shoppers & fashion enthusiasts!

Lenskart Blog - 01

The official Lenskart blog has various information on the latest eye-wear trends, celebrity eye-wear choices, DIY eye-wear tweaks and tips etc., The new articles on “Maintaining the right contacts” and “6 ways your worn out frames will work for you” are quite an interesting read!

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#SwipeToSpice Contest Winners!!

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Hey All!! 

The winners of #SwipeToSpice contest are 

Simar Chugh & Coral Crue! 🙂 🙂


Here is what they came up with 🙂

Simar Chugh says “I hate dry lips Pushpa in per  Maybelline ke Baby lips laga karo #SwipeToSpice”

Coral Crue says “Aaj mere paas gaadi hai, bungla hai, paisa hai… tumhare paas kya hai?” . “Mere paas, mere paas… Babylips hai,boss!”

Congratulations girls!! Please email me your postal address within 24 hours 🙂

Others please don’t lose heart.. there is another exciting giveaway coming your way! so keep watching this space 🙂

Until next time… Keep Smiling & Stay Gorgeous!! 🙂  

#SwipeToSpice Contest Alert!! – Win Maybelline Goodies!!

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Hey All 🙂 I am back with an exciting contest 🙂

Recently, Maybelline New York has come up with its new range of lip balms called the Baby Lips Spiced Up. Exotic and vibrant, these lip balms come in three variants: Berry Sherbet, Tropical Punch and Spicy Cinnamon. This new range is especially made for the Indi-pop generation and has darker, intense shades to suit Indian skin tones. You can buy them online here

To spice things up, we are hosting a #SwipeToSpice challenge where the participants have to spice up their favorite Bollywood dialogues with Baby Lips Spiced Up and share it with us.

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Nioxin Hair System Kit – 5 – Review!

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Hey All 🙂 Remember a couple of weeks back I had posted about my Nioxin hair spa experience at the Bounce Saloon (you can read about it here), so this is my detailed review on the kit after using it for almost a month now 🙂 🙂 

By now with all my smiles you would have got a fair clue on how the system worked on me 🙂  Yes, it worked perfectly well on my scalp/hair just as it promised to do so! 🙂 

After my consultation with the hair experts, they suggested me to go for system 5 which was for “Normal-to-thin-looking” & “Medium-to-coarse” hair! Mine was Normal looking & Medium textured hair! 


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Glitter & Gorgeous – Turned 4 Today :)

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Hey All 🙂 

This day, four years ago, Glitter & Gorgeous!! started its journey with great hopes & dreams 🙂 Today it has successfully turned four with all your support & encouragement! Thanks to each & every one of you who made this journey wonderful & memorable! 

Love you all <3 

Glitter & Gorgeous - Turned 4 Today :)

Summer… Sun Glasses… SunGlassesDelhi!

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Sun Glasses are inevitable in Summers! With the scorching heat & ridiculous amount of pollution, it is wise to use sun glasses to save our eyes from the harmful UV rays & dust! Since online shopping has made our life easier, we do not have to physically go & search every shop to buy our favorite glasses. Since we have a lot of options in the market, how do we narrow it down to one? Sunglassesdelhi is one such website which will help you to choose your perfect pair of sun glasses 🙂

Sunglassesdelhi has the information on latest eye wear for every age group for both men & women. Their widest range of sun glasses information  includes, Aviators, Wayfarers, rectangular, square etc, from the top designer eye wear brands including Ray-Ban, Idee, Fcuk, Gunnar, Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and so much more. Anything that is new in the market, you can find them here at sunglassesdelhi! 

Sun glasses Delhi

The website has a very user-friendly interface. It has various tabs for selection like Brands, Gender, Frame Shape, Frame Style & Collections. Each tab opens up to a drop down list with more detailed division on the items we are looking for. For instance, Frame Shape tab opens up to Aviator, Oval, Rectangle, Wayfarer, Round & Cat Eye sun glasses. 

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Nioxin Product Launch & My Hair Spa Experience!

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Its been almost 4 years since I’ve started blogging and this is the first time, I see a beauty (hair-care) brand organizing a launch event in Chennai. All thanks to BlogAdda for taking up this initiative and organizing this wonderful event. The day was quite memorable in terms of meeting like-minded fellow bloggers and some wonderful BlogAdda team members and most importantly hearing from the experts about the product and experiencing the same at a best-in-class salon “Bounce”!

Nioxin was founded in 1987, by Eva Graham when she experienced hair thinning problem after the birth of her first child. She began to investigate the idea of treating the scalp with skincare methods. Hair thinning is a major problem across all age groups & gender, though the condition cannot be reversed, with early detection, advanced technology and professional help the situation can be controlled. 


Hair thinning is caused by various factors. The primary ones are,

Genetics –> Age related hormonal  changes, the conversion of testosterone into the toxin Dihydrotestosterone ( DHT ) triggers the hair loss and this can be inherited easily from either of the parent.

Stress & Trauma –> Stress increases the Testosterone levels which later transforms into DHT and stops the hair growth. Stress constricts the blood supply through the capillaries, which restricts the oxygen & nutrient uptake & vitamins to the hair follicle. 

Nutrition & Diet –> Consumption of animal fat, weight loss, liquid protein diet will result in lack of amino acids, biotin, iron, protein & zinc – these are the essentials for a healthy looking hair!

Health Issues –> Thyroid – Hormonal changes during pregnancy & menopause could also trigger hair loss

Environmental Factors –> Polluted Air/Water, chlorine, lead etc could lead to hair thinning problems

Medication –> Hormone therapy, usage of steroids, chemotherapies, medication for blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and acne would cause hair thinning! 

Other contributing factors include excessive usage of Styling tools, chemical treatments and aging! 

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Indian Beauty Subscription Bag – Fabbag! – April 2015

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Halo Everyone!! Hope you are all doing good 🙂 The past month was pretty hectic for me and know what? this post was supposed to go live last month same date but due to personal reasons I wasn’t able to concentrate much on the blog and hence the delay! 🙁

Hope I catch up soon on the pending posts 🙂

Talking about Fabbag, (which was then called as Vellvette box) I could recollect certain things, like they were the pioneers to launch a successful beauty subscription box in the Indian market. I was a loyal customer since their launch for about a year or so, but then I somehow felt the products were repeated most of the time and the makeup selection was very minimal. Just for the records my first order with them was on September 2012! 🙂 And then there were other beauty boxes that entered the market and the urge to try new things made me take a break from Fabbag! 

So when I got an opportunity to try the April month’s bag I was delighted to try it just out of curiosity to see if the brand has outgrown itself during this period (By the way, the moment I stopped my subscription, the box had turned to a bag and the name from “Vellvette” to “Fabbag”!) 🙂

Let us see the contents of April Fabbag! 


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